CMMS - Mechanic's Mate Maintenance Management System Software

Benefits of our CMMS Software

  • Plan and Schedule Preventive Maintenance

    Organize assets by importance within your organization. If the asset is required to produce revenue, schedule accordingly to prevent outages or breakdowns.

  • Schedule Corrective Equipment Maintenance

    Lights fail, belts break, breakers trip – quickly address such items with a few keystrokes to document the incident, resolution, time, date, mechanic and manhours; this process automatically generates an equipment work history entry.

  • Maintain Assets and Equipment

    Track flower beds to parking lot repainting to the maintenance of sophisticated equipment. All with an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

  • Manage Work Orders Efficiently

    Simple creation, recording, and closure of corrective and planned work orders with minimal user input.

  • Increase Equipment Reliability and Reduce Downtime

    Well maintained equipment, serviced and maintained to industry and manufacturers' recommendations have been proven to extend the life on nearly any type of equipment. The interface allows the implementation of a task library that allows application of the task to any asset with the facility.

  • Workplace Safety

    Fires, explosions, releases, and assets unprotected to outside intrusion all contribute to risk. Proper selection of materials, proper testing and inspection of assets all contribute to a safe work environment. Work orders can be classified as “Safety” thereby raising the bar of importance to minimize risk.

  • Verification of Regulatory Compliance

    Whether it is compliance to EPA, OSHA, or other regulations, the interface contains a health and safety section to reference within the work order creation screen to address the application of such regulations. These are then printed within the body of the work order.

Introduction to Mechanic's Mate CMMS 

IndustryDocs is pleased to announce the exclusive offering of MechanicsMate CMMS (computerized maintenance management system software). We are excited to offer such a mature and widely used maintenance application such as MechanicsMate CMMS for download purchase. Created in the mid-nineties and improved upon ever since, MechanicsMate CMMS is easy to implement, use, and deploy for any maintenance organization regardless of size.

MechanicsMate CMMS is tried and tested -- successful implementations exist within a wide range of industries where millions of work orders have been produced through decades of use. And unlike many of the other products on the market, MechanicsMate CMMS was designed by maintenance professionals – not programmers.

CMMS software has been available for decades. Until recently, most systems were of the Client/Server variety and allowed implementation of the maintenance software with a single fee and nominal annual fees for support. Suddenly, these Client/Server systems all but disappeared from the marketplace and were replaced with Web-based systems that require a monthly fee per user—thereby, allowing CMMS vendors a steady revenue stream. There are some advantages to this Web-based architecture; however, the customer is plagued with monthly charges that never end. 

MechanicsMate CMMS product remains a Client/Server based CMMS product. While many of the CMMS suppliers revised their revenue models to a monthly revenue stream—MechanicsMate didn't. MechanicsMate offers one of the best bargains in the CMMS arena as there are NO Monthly FEES!

Features include:

  • Corrective Work Orders (reactive)
  • Preventive Work Orders (planned)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Parts Management
  • Equipment Library
  • Maintenance Task Library
  • Graphical as well as non-graphical reporting
  • Library of Standard Reports
  • Attachment of documents and photos to Work Orders
  • Route Item Work Orders (Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, Eye Wash Stations, etc.)
  • On-line Helpdesk
  • Web Work Order
  • Custom Report Engine

Standalone as well as network versions of the product are offered. Regardless of the size of your maintenance organization, MechanicsMate CMMS can be an easy fit for your organization.

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