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Sample of our Leading Indicators Template in Excel Format

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Category Alt Category Name Leading Indicator Lagging Indicator
Commitment and Accountability Auditing Procedure Review On-time % Percentage of procedures which are reviewed revised within the designated period. Number of times errors are made by staff due to incorrect/unclear operational procedures.
Commitment and Accountability Maintenance Maintenance of Plant Equipment On-time % Percentage of maintenance actions identified which are completed to specified on-time. Number of unexpected incidents due to failure of equipment.
Planning and Implementation Emergency Preparedness Shutdown/Isolation Systems Performance % Percentage of shutdown/isolation systems which functioned to the desired performance standard when tested. Number of elements of the emergency procedure that fail to function to the designed performance standard.
Performance Surveys Mobile Phone/Device Non-Use Compliance Rate Rate of staff compliance with mobile phone/tablet/device non-usage policies. Visual surveys are useful in compiling this data. Number of incidents attributable to staff failure in recognizing alarms or events due to distraction from mobile device usage.

Are you going that extra step to protect your employees from catastrophic risks?

Our product: Leading Indicators Template in Excel Format will help your team identify system state indicators whose performance is predictive of future safety incident likelihoods. Do you have the answers to these questions at your facility?

  1. What can go wrong?
  2. What controls are in place to prevent incidents?
  3. What does each control deliver in terms of a ‘safety outcome’?
  4. Do you have confidence the controls continue to function as intended?

Our professionally written sample set of indicators is very helpful for someone new to the KPI design process.