Why use Leading Indicators at your Facility?

Are you going that extra step to protect your employees from catastrophic risks? Do you have the answers to these questions at your facility?

  1. What can go wrong?
  2. What controls are in place to prevent incidents?
  3. What does each control deliver in terms of a ‘safety outcome’?
  4. Do you have confidence the controls continue to function as intended?

Hopefully, the above questions have already been asked and answered! If not, the implementation of IndustryDocs.org Leading Indicators Template is a first step minimizing risk. What will the development of leading indicators do for your facility?

  1. A routine systematic check that actions or activities are undertaken as intended.
  2. They can be considered as measures of process or inputs essential to the desired safety outcome.

Developing leading indicators process:

1. Detect Flaws 2. Define factors resulting in the flaws 3. Take corrective actions to address the factors 4. Monitor progress and effectiveness of the process
Feedback: Leading Indicators


Simply put, our tool streamlines the LEADING INDICATOR process so that each indicator within a process can be easily developed and managed.

Identify Indicators Predictive of Future Safety Incidents Likelihoods

Our product Leading Indicators Template in Excel Format will help your team identify system state indicators whose performance is predictive of future safety incident likelihoods. A professionally written sample set of indicators is very helpful for someone new to the KPI design process. There is much discussion on the web regarding KPI ("Key Performance Indicators"); however, finding a good sample set is not always easy. Our product provides a professionally written set of leading indicators geared towards safety within the Chemical and Process Industries. We are confident that you will find it helpful.