What-If PHA Automated Spreadsheet

Question, scenario, risk, and equipment management simplified by our What-If PHA Automated Spreadsheet.  Pre-loaded with a library of popular What-If questions for the chemical and process industries.

Instructions for What-If PHA Spreadsheet

Step-by-step instructions accompanied by screenshots for our What-IF PHA Automated Spreadsheet. See how your questions, scenarios, risk, and equipment are managed.

Guidelines for PHA

Develop a thorough, orderly, systematic approach for identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards within a process involving potentially hazardous chemicals.

Ammonia Refrigeration Process Hazard Analysis Question Set

Ammonia Process Question Set for Refrigeration Systems and OSHA PSM and EPA Risk Management. Most of what is needed for any ammonia system regardless of size is included in this question set absent any site specific issues that are always unique to the situation. Question set provided in Microsoft Excel Format. Purchases delivered to buyer via email.

How complete was your last Ammonia Refrigeration system Process Hazards Analysis (PHA)?

Can your study meet the demands of an OSHA audit? Have you minimized risk? Our set of 215 professionally prepared questions are geared specifically to evaluate the hazards for your covered ammonia refrigeration process (required by law for 10,000 pounds or greater of anhydrous ammonia inventory per OSHA Process Safety Management {29 CFR1910.119}). The questions cover generic equipment, facility siting, human factors, emergency response, and system charging. Take the guesswork out of your next ammonia PHA. Let our quick and easy question set guide you through your next study of ammonia hazards at your facility.

Why spend time developing your PHA with minimal sample documentation? 

Professionally written Ammonia Process Question Set in friendly Microsoft Excel format. 

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