.Zip and .Exe File Download Link Automation in PHP

Have you had issues with Email Blacklisting or Web Server Blacklisting when distributing .zip or .exe files?

Now you can generate safe, simple emailable download links for your clients. Generate low risk links pointing to a file download manager page within your website. Avoid direct links to content that will be flagged as high risk and trigger email blacklisting or web server blacklisting. Host compressed files, executables, macro enabled documents, etc. on your website without fear of blacklisting due to web crawlers or email scanners since you avoid direct links to the content.

Introducing Our PHP File Download Automation Library

Are you tired of paying hefty fees for third-party services to automate digital product delivery for your PHP website? – Look no further! Our PHP File Download Automation Library is here to revolutionize your digital product delivery process, saving you up to $1000 per year.

Streamlined Digital Product Delivery

Our library empowers you to seamlessly integrate digital product delivery into your PHP-driven ecosystem, connecting with a self-hosted webhook endpoint from payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.
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Say goodbye to expensive third-party solutions and embrace the freedom to control your product distribution.

Simplified for All Skill Levels

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, our PHP File Download Automation Library is designed with you in mind. We provide code samples and comprehensive documentation that significantly reduce development time. Benefit from our pre-written, commented code blocks that can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Robust Security

We prioritize your digital assets' security. Each PHP file download script is housed in cryptographically secure, pseudo-randomly named folders, ensuring the utmost protection. Track download activity, set expiration dates, and limit access, all with just a few lines of PHP code.

Effortless Implementation

Getting started has never been easier. Our library simplifies the creation of download scripts with a straightforward function call. Monitor execution status through detailed logs and effortlessly email download links to end-users. Present an intuitive File Download Page from a single PHP page and enhance user experience.

Unlock the Power of Automation

Our PHP File Download Automation Library is your key to substantial savings and enhanced control over digital product delivery. Say hello to efficient, cost-effective automation that puts you in charge. Download our library now and start delivering your digital products with ease.

Our PHP File Download Automation Library and code samples will greatly help newcomers to the process. Save significant development time with code that has already been successfully implemented and tested online in a commercial environment. Benefit from time-saving, pre-written, commented, code blocks that may easily be cut, pasted and modified. Get up and running quickly with a sample that requires no initial configuration to demo. Implementation instructions are included to get you started.

Features of our PHP File Download Automation Library

  • Supports the download of all popular file formats including the .zip and .exe extensions.
  • USA-based Technical Support
  • A unique PHP download script is created for every file with the following embedded information:
    • File Name to Download
    • Download Script Creation Date and Time
    • Download Expiration Date and Time
    • Allowed Downloads Count
  • For security, the PHP file download scripts are stored in folders with cryptographically secure pseudo-random names.
  • Download activity such as remaining downloads is tracked and when it reaches zero, the download is no longer accessible.
  • Each PHP file download script will cease to function when either of these conditions are met:
    • The system date and time reach the download script's expiration date and time.
    • The allowed downloads remaining reaches zero.
  • The creation of each file download script and subsequent link is easily accomplished with a simple function call and a few lines of PHP code.
  • Status logging at key execution points simplifies validation and issue resolution.
  • Download link is easliy emailed to end-user via the sendMail() function.
  • An intuitive File Download Page is easily presented to the end-user from a single PHP page.
    Features include:
    • Expects a query string parameter for internally linking to the user's unique download script.
    • If a valid parameter is not provided, the page is inaccessible, and it returns: "You do not have access to this resource." Example: click me
    • Functionality is achieved by the implementation of two easy-to-understand PHP code blocks.
    • Here is our File Download Page based on this framework.

Implementation Instructions for our File Download PHP Library

  • Our PHP File Download Automation product is delivered in a compressed folder (.zip) file. Extract the product to a new folder on your local web server.
  • Here is an illustration of the file structure:
    File Structure of Product
  • Here is a breakdown of the file contents and purpose:
    • images/download_small.png - Image for the download button in file-download.php
    • libs/download_Automation_Lib.php - Our Download Automation Library containing the following functions:
      • logStatus($log_msg, $bool_die_optional) - Logs execution status issues to a .log file in the logs folder. It is very useful for troubleshooting configuration issues, especially in the case of the code being called from a webhook that does not have a user interface.
      • sendMail($to, $subject, $file, $htmlContent) - Note: $file_attach may be empty to skip the attachment process.
      • randomFolderName() - Returns a folder name that is a cryptographically secure pseudo-random value.
      • saveLinkInfo($file_json, $link_file_name, $link_file_size, $link_expires_dt, $link_created_dt, $link_remaining_downloads) - Saves the attributes for each individually generated php download script to an accompanying download.json file.
      • downloadScriptCreate($download_filename, $str_interval_date, $limit_downloads)
        • Creates a PHP file download script from a template.
        • Utilizes the template file in scripts/template-download-script.php
        • Performs string replacement to generate the finalized download script file specifc to a user's product purchase. The resulting file is store in vault-file-download-scripts/‹Random Cryptographic Folder Name›
        • Returns the random cryptographic folder name that subsequently is used to construct the necessary URL for the customer to access the file-download.php page. An example link would be: https://localhost/php-file-download-product/file-download.php?key=GYmxZZR0UgzRRtn0vEFusdBf
    • scripts/template-download.script.php - This is the PHP download script template used by downloadScriptCreate().
      Note: This folder should not have public permissions; it should only be accessible via server side PHP.
    • vault-file-download-scripts - Location of finalized PHP download scripts specific to each customer's purchase. Contents are generated by downloadScriptCreate()
    • vault-product-files - Source product file location that finalized PHP download scripts access when a download script is called.
      Note: This folder should not have public permissions; it should only be accessible via server side PHP.
    • file-download.php - Download Manager Page that customers access to retrieve a specific download.
      "key" query string parameter is necessary to access a specific download.
      Example: file-download.php?key=GYmxZZR0UgzRRtn0vEFusdBf
    • test-link-create.php - Example page that calls downloadScriptCreate() with the sample product file: "ahu-air-handler-units-pm-checklist.pdf" to create a new download script file and link.

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