Maintenance Planner - Resource Leveling Excel Workbook

Optimize Your Maintenance Operations! Our versatile tool streamlines task scheduling for businesses of all sizes. Even if you have an existing system, our planning worksheet offers unparalleled utility, allowing what-if scenarios, resource views, and efficient task allocation.

Maintenance Planner is included in our PM Checklists Product.

Say goodbye to overwhelming data - focus on critical systems and resources, ensuring optimal preventive maintenance!

Achieve staff sufficiency, reduce downtime, and enhance efficiency with our Maintenance Staff Planner and Capacity Planner. Embrace success with meticulous organization, analysis, and planning.

This tool is designed for any business that does any type of scheduled maintenance.

Already have a maintenance system? If so, there is a good chance the utility capability provided by our planning worksheet will still be of use. Your existing system may not support a view of your resources and tasks with endless what-if scenarios that our tool provides.

If you have a maintenance system where all information is entered manually (a paper system), then this tool will work for you as well. This planning worksheet is all about the task. How often you perform the task and the total budgeted time to perform the task. We just know you will get to see your scheduled work from a different perspective by using our worksheet tool.

  • Focusing on task scheduling against critical systems and critical assets without being overwhelmed by data.
  • Balancing annual preventive maintenance task scheduling against actual technician available wrench time based on goals, efficiency, staffing, holidays, etc.
  • Pie chart representation of the annual hours resulting from your preventive maintenance task schedule on a critical system or critical asset.
  • Clearly analyzing staffing parameters and maintenance task labor at an annual level to show insufficient or excess staffing.

The implementation of a successful maintenance program requires that the supervisor pay close attention to the preparatory steps. What are these steps? Successful implementation requires a plan for organizing the staff, identifying and prioritizing the equipment based on needs, documenting and estimating the time required to complete each task, and most importantly, establishing the frequency for how often the tasks are to be performed.

For those not possessing Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel, both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice are excellent alternatives that are readily downloadable.

Maintenance Staff Planner

Organize, identify, and prioritize

Analyze your resources (ie: employees, vacation, holiday, sick leave, etc.) to ensure you have sufficient man-hours for your annual corrective and preventive maintenance.

Focus on a system, asset type, or task category within your organization to improve efficiency and ensure that preventive maintenance intervals are performed as required but not too often.


  • Ensure your staff numbers are adequate for scheduled preventive maintenance.
  • Evaluate potential for staff downsizing.
  • Avoid down-time from equipment failures resulting from incomplete scheduled maintenance due to staffing shortages.
Maintenance Capacity Planner

It is all about tasks!

How many tasks and how many times per year?
Target critical systems first and level resources.


ABC Food Processing Management recognizes their ammonia refrigeration system is a critical resource and asks the maintenance supervisor to evaluate the scheduling efficiency of preventive maintenance within the system and also how it relates to the overall preventive maintenance budget.

PM Hours Usage Chart

Focus on a critical system

continuing our example...  Maintenance Supervisor, Bob Jordan, performs the following steps to target pm task scheduling efficiency on their ammonia system:

  1. Runs a report from their CMMS Software to generate the annual hours for ALL scheduled preventive maintenance EXCEPT "Ammonia System"
  2. Runs a report from their CMMS Software to generate an annual preventive maintenance tasks schedule FOR "Ammonia System".
  3. Having the above information in hand, Bob may evaluate the pm task scheduling efficiency of the ammonia system utilizing our Maintenance Capacity Planner.

Maintenance Resources