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Intro to Flood Planning and Preparation

Develop a Plan to Implement Flood Mitigation Measures

  • Understand the Threat of Flooding
  • Identify Vulnerable Assets and Determine Consequences
  • Identify and Evaluate Mitigation Measures
  • Develop a Plan to Implement Mitigation Measures

Practical Mitigation Measures for Flood Resilience

Prevent Intrusion of Flood Water

  • Implement a program to keep all drains and culverts clear of debris to reduce possible flooding.
  • Use sandbags to make a quick and low-cost barrier to minor flooding. Have sand and bags available.
  • Install backflow preventers on low-lying overflow pipes to protect finished water.

Protect Assets and Operations

  • Secure or elevate chemical and other tanks to prevent them from floating away, releasing contents or damaging other equipment.
  • Plan to move vehicles to high ground. Develop alternative methods to access the facility if entry is blocked by high flood waters or debris.
  • Elevate or relocate instrumentation, electrical controls, computers and records.
  • Fill finished water storage tanks to full capacity if a flooding event is anticipated.
  • Maintain sufficient supplies of chemicals and fuel in anticipation of supply disruptions during a flood.

Ensure Power Reliability

  • Contact your local power utility and local emergency management agency to plan for priority restoration of power to your water utility.
  • Ensure backup power for pumps, treatment facilities and remote units. Purchase, rent or borrow generators (e.g., through mutual aid). Install connections to enable your utility to rapidly hook up generators to your system.
  • Make sure generators, electrical connections and fuel supplies are protected from flooding (e.g., elevated, easy to access).
  • Arrange for priority access to fuel supplies (e.g., vendor contract).

Our Plant Safety Product Bundle

Includes the following products from bundled as a single package:
  • Flood Mitigation Guide
  • PM Checklists
  • ISA S20 Compliant Datasheets
  • Electric Motor Datasheet Template
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Integrated Contingency Plan Template

Our Flood Mitigation Guide

Flood mitigation guide consists of action items organized in a checklist and provided in Excel format. The following components are covered:
  • Buildings
  • Chemical and Other Storage
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Controls
  • Power Supply
  • Water Intake, Distribution and Storage
  • Booster Stations and Other Pumps
  • Process Water Treatment Plant