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Industrial Plant Package

$799 Package Price saves $403 over cost of purchasing products individually.
Includes the following products from bundled as a single package:
  • Flood Mitigation Guide
    Flood mitigation guide consists of action items organized in a checklist and provided in Excel format. The following components are covered:
    • Buildings
    • Chemical and Other Storage
    • Instrumentation and Electrical Controls
    • Power Supply
    • Water Intake, Distribution and Storage
    • Booster Stations and Other Pumps
    • Process Water Treatment Plant
  • PM Checklists
    Preventive Maintenance Tasks in Excel format for Major Equipment, HVAC, Construction, and Building Maintenance. Includes safety and inspection checklists. Tasks are organized by equipment category within individual Excel workbooks.
  • Maintenance Capacity Planner - Resource Leveling Excel Workbook
    Balance annual preventive maintenance task scheduling against actual technician available wrench time based on goals, efficiency, staffing, holidays, etc.
  • PSM Mechanical Integrity Procedures in Word Format
    Inspection, Instrumentation, Electrical, Fixed - Rotating Equipment, and Rigging. These equipment procedures span multiple industries and are very useful as detailed professional templates for constructing your maintenance procedure library.
  • ISA S20 Compliant Datasheets
    Equipment, Valves, Instrumentation, and Switches. 53 user configurable datasheets in Excel format. Datasheet, Plant Process, and P&ID Relationship Diagram
  • ISA TR20 Compliant Datasheets
    89 user configurable datasheets in Excel format. Analysis, Valve & Regulator, Flow, Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure, Pressure Safety, Receiver, Temperature, Weight, and Position Devices.
  • Electric Motor Datasheet Template
    Specify the physical properties and electrical characteristics of an induction motor with our fully editable datasheet template in Excel format.
  • Key Performance Indicators
    Our Leading Indicators Template is provided in Excel format and it will help your team identify system state indicators whose performance is predictive of future safety incident likelihoods.
  • Integrated Contingency Plan
    Use our template for consolidating numerous regulations and multiple emergency response plans concerning releases of hazardous substances into one functional plan. Template provided in Word format.

Boost your Plant Reliability and Operations Efficiency

  • Improve your preventive maintenance program leading to increased process reliability.
  • Avoid more costly unplanned corrective maintenance.
  • Implement safety and inspection checklists promoting a safer work environment and less down-time.
  • Implement Datasheets for plant equipment and instrumentation making it easier to maintain a one-for-one relationship between the physical device and the specifcations/documentation.
  • Use Leading Indicators to improve workplace safety, improve workers' compensation outcomes, and reduce costs.
  • Consolidate regulations and multiple emergency response plans into one functional plan.