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Elevate your plant management with our innovative solutions. From PM Checklists for major equipment to the Excel-based What-If PHA app, we cover it all. Our ISA-compliant datasheets and Electric Motor Datasheet Template earn real-world praise. Experience engineering documentation efficiency at its finest — adopt TR20 Compliant Datasheets today. Ensure compliance and equipment longevity with our PSM Mechanical Integrity Procedures — designed for meeting OSHA PSM and EPA requirements. Enhance safety culture with our leading indicators and actionable strategies.

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ISA S20 Compliant Datasheets

Set of 53 user configurable ISA S20 Compliant Datasheets in Excel format. Low-cost solution fundamental to OSHA Process Safety Management. Summarize specs for Equipment, Valves, Instrumentation, and Switches.

ISA TR20 Compliant Datasheets

Set of 80 user configurable ISA TR20 Compliant Datasheets in Excel format. Analysis, Valve & Regulator, Flow, Level, Pressure & Differential Pressure, Pressure Safety, Receiver, Temperature, Weight, and Position Devices. ISA TR20 is a newer standard than ISA S20.

Electric Motor Datasheet

Specify the physical properties and electrical characteristics of an induction motor with our fully editable datasheet template. Induction Motor Datasheet Template provided in friendly Excel format.

Why Excel Datasheets for your Plant?

In today’s high technology world, some of the most important facets of the modern process facility are being maintained by their owners with outdated paper systems that offer little to the overall control of the configuration. A low-cost solution is now available to get on the fast track to automated datasheets.

Datasheet, Plant Process, and P&ID Relationship

Plant PSM Diagram of Datasheet, Plant Process, and P&ID Relationship.

Control Valve Sizing

Free download of control valve sizing worksheets. Perform traditional Cv calculations. Graph the installed flow characteristic and installed gain of a valve when it is installed in a particular system. Based on ANSI/ISA-75.01.01 (IEC 60534-2-1 Mod) -2012 "Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves."  

What-If Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Spreadsheet

Manage your process hazard and risk analysis. Improve the quality of your PHA with our consistent framework that provides What-If question, scenario, risk, and equipment management. Import data easily. Organize and filter your What-If study information.

Ammonia Refrigeration PHA Question Set

Ammonia Process Hazard Analysis Question Set for Refrigeration Systems and OSHA PSM and EPA Risk Management. Most of what is needed for any ammonia system regardless of size is included in this question set absent any site specific issues that are always unique to the situation.

Process Hazard Review

Use these questions to help identify potential hazards. Questions pertain to Process, Equipment, Operations, Maintenance, Personnel Safety, Fire Protection, Environmental Protection, and Management / Policy Issues.

Guidelines for PHA

A Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is the heart of any well developed Process Safety Management program. The objective of a PHA is to develop a thorough, orderly, systematic approach for identifying, evaluating, and controlling potential hazards within a process involving potentially hazardous chemicals.

Intro - Process Hazard Analysis Video

Intro PHA video providing a real-world What-If Scenario and its' Likelihood, Consequence and Severity. The Risk Matrix is discussed. Applicable Engineering / Administrative Controls for mitigating the risk are presented.

PHA Tool Instructions Video

Instructional video for the What-If PHA Spreadsheet (PHA Tool). Demonstrates Importing Equipment, Areas, Processes, and What-If Questions. Presents the workbook operation, selection of questions, and creation of a What-If Session. Charts are shown for the Risk Assessment Matrix, Likelihoods, Severities, and Risk Assessment Values.

PHA Revalidation

PHA Revalidation per OSHA PSM / EPA RMP Regulation (Section 2760.2)(f) At least every five years after the completion of the initial PHA, the PHA shall be updated and revalidated by a team meeting the requirements in section (d)

Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP)

Use our template for consolidating numerous regulations and multiple emergency response plans concerning releases of ammonia or other hazardous substances into one functional plan. Our template is geared towards ammonia refrigeration systems however it is useful for any facility with a hazardous chemical inventory.

Sample PHA

Real-world sample PHA using What-If Methodology provides valuable insight for newcomers to the process.

PM Checklists

Major Equipment, HVAC, Building, and Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Procedures Checklists. PM Checklists are in Excel format. Recommended maintenance intervals are included. Build your Preventive Maintenance Program or CMMS Task Library.

PSM Mechanical Integrity

Inspection, Instrumentation, Electrical, Fixed - Rotating Equipment, and Rigging. Designed for OSHA PSM and EPA Mechanical Integrity Requirements. 97 maintenance procedures provided in Microsoft Word format.

Maintenance Planner - Resource Leveling

Analyze your resources (ie: employees, vacation, holiday, sick leave, etc.) to ensure you have sufficient man-hours for your annual corrective and preventive maintenance. Establish the frequency for how often tasks are performed.

Intro to Flood Planning and Preparation

Develop a Plan to Implement Flood Mitigation Measures:

  • Understand the Threat of Flooding
  • Identify Vulnerable Assets and Determine Consequences
  • Identify and Evaluate Mitigation Measures
  • Develop a Plan to Implement Mitigation Measures

Flood Mitigation Guide

Flood mitigation guide consists of action items organized in a checklist and provided in Excel format. The following water treatment system components are covered:

  • Buildings
  • Chemical and Other Storage
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Controls
  • Power Supply
  • Water Intake, Distribution and Storage
  • Booster Stations and Other Pumps
  • Process Water Treatment Plant

Plant Safety Product Bundle

Includes the following products from bundled as a single package:

  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) What-If Automated Excel Spreadsheet
  • 97 PSM (Process Safety Management) Mechanical Integrity Procedures in Word Format
  • PM Checklists - 1000+ Tasks
  • KPI - Leading Indicators Template
  • Integrated Contingency Plan - 60 Page Document
  • Flood Mitigation Guide

Mechanic's Mate CMMS

Mechanic's Mate is the right tool to help you reach your maintenance goals. Mechanic's Mate binds the technical aspects of a quality CMMS system with the practical knowledge and expertise of the trade. Our years of experience coupled with the recommendations of the clients helped us provide a package that is as reliable as it is practical. Mechanic's Mate is Non Web-based, Windows Client Software.

Maintenance Intervals – Too Often or Not Often Enough?

If you have an effective ongoing maintenance plan in place, most break-down work can be avoided. Surprisingly, maintenance intervals throughout industry continue unchallenged. Checks are being made too often, or not often enough: the result; a dereliction of proper maintenance or a simple waste of resources.

Safety Surveillance - Don’t Tolerate Non-Compliance on Work Site

How many times have you heard or read of an accident where the victim had been previously warned or reprimanded for working in an unsafe manner? Could this accident have been prevented? Probably so! Written safety programs only go so far. The solution must start with the safety culture of the company. Everyone in the company should be made aware of certain basic work rules and given the authority to enforce these rules.

Why use Leading Indicators at your Facility?

Go that extra step to protect your employees from catastrophic risks.

KPI Implementation Case Study

Peter Drucker, the renowned modern business guru, is credited with the following: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it...”

Leading Indicators Template in Excel Format

Use our Leading Indicators Template in Excel to improve workplace safety, improve workers' compensation outcomes, and reduce costs.