• “One of my techs ran into the industrydocs website by accident and told me to take a look. I made my buying decision in less than five minutes! Prior to downloading the PM checklists I always thought we had our maintenance in pretty decent shape. After looking at a sample checklist, we bought every checklist on the site. In our plant we have most of the 22 equipment types listed on the website; however, our maintenance checklists were not professionally done and our tasks were missing important items, plus a reference to safety was nonexistent. The checklists from the industry doc site have helped us fine-tune our maintenance program. I highly recommend using the checklists. What a bargain…and the best thing, they are in MS Excel format. ”

    J. Bilestri 
    Maintenance Manager - Oregon, Ohio
  • “My guys bothered me for months to get our maintenance on a PC. We settled on a computer program for maintenance and then discovered it was a crazy amount of work to get it all loaded up. We bought the Standard Maintenance Tasks doc from industry doc and found it kick-started us going to electronic work orders like a gem. We are going to purchase most of the PM Checklists because…why re-invent the wheel. Great value thus far for the dollars spent.”

    T. Borzach
    Chief of Maintenance – Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • “Procedures are everything in Process Safety Management and there is always room for improvement. We threw out what we had once we found the PSM Maintenance procedures available on the industry doc website. The format is professional, very little tweaking for most equipment types, and they saved our staff a ton of time.”

    H. Conrad
    PSM Coordinator – Pasadena, Texas