Cafeteria Maintenance Checklist in Excel Format

Running a successful cafeteria requires meticulous attention to cleanliness and operational efficiency. Our Cafeteria Maintenance Checklist in Excel Format is the ultimate tool to streamline your daily, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance routines.

🍽️ Daily Tasks: From checking lights and refrigerators to sanitizing surfaces and replenishing supplies, our checklist ensures every corner of your cafeteria remains inviting and functional.

📅 Weekly Tasks: Stay on top of essential upkeep with tasks ranging from deep-cleaning utensils and display cases to monitoring food quality and presentation.

🌟 Quarterly Tasks: Elevate your cafeteria's standards with professional pest control, detailed restroom cleaning, and thorough inspections to keep your facility safe and appealing.

🔧 Semi-Annual Tasks: Fine-tune your operations by calibrating equipment, sanitizing storage areas, and conducting comprehensive inspections to maintain your cafeteria at its best.

🎯 Annual Tasks: Take your cafeteria's maintenance to the next level. Ensure fire safety, calibrate cooking equipment, and conduct detailed inventory checks to guarantee a well-functioning and hygienic space.

You get 105 tasks when you purchase this product.

Our Cafeteria Maintenance Checklist in Excel Format is not just a list—it's your cafeteria's maintenance roadmap. Adapt it to your cafeteria's unique needs and equipment, and rest assured that you're delivering a clean, safe, and efficient dining environment for your valued patrons. Elevate your cafeteria's maintenance game—get started today!

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Cafeteria PM Checklist is INCLUDED in our PM Checklists Product.

Here is a sample of the first 20 of 105 Cafeteria Maintenance Tasks.

Note: the following tasks are daily, and not all of the spreadsheet columns are represented in this sample.

Task Name Task Text
Bakery Display Sanitize Empty and clean bakery display cases.
Beverage Dispenser Sanitize Clean and sanitize beverage dispensers, nozzles, and handles.
Coffee Machine Filter Check Check the functioning of coffee machine filters.
Coffee/Tea Machines Sanitize Clean and sanitize coffee machines and tea brewers.
Condiment Displenser Sanitize Clean and sanitize condiment dispensers.
Coutertops/Serving Sanitize Wipe down countertops and serving areas.
Cutting Boards/Tools Sanitize Sanitize cutting boards and kitchen tools.
Emergency Exit Instpection Verify that emergency exits are clear and accessible.
End of Day Closing Check Close and secure the cafeteria at the end of the day.
Equipment Daily Shutdown Ensure all equipment is turned off at closing.
Floors Inspection Inspect floors for spills or hazards.
Food Display Case Sanitize Clean and sanitize food display cases.
Food Expiration Check Remove and dispose of expired food items.
Food Labe/Date Check Ensure all food items are properly labeled and dated.
Food Prep/Utensil Sanitize Sanitize food preparation surfaces and utensils.
Food Quality Control Monitor food quality and presentation.
Food Warmers Sanitize Clean and sanitize food warmers.
Glassware/Flatware Sanitize Clean and sanitize glassware and flatware.
Hand Dryer Check Test hand dryers and restroom facilities.
High Touch Surfaces Sanitize Inspect and clean high-touch surfaces like door handles.

Here is a screenshot of the first 20 of 105 Cafeteria Tasks in Excel format.

Note: Right-hand spreadsheet columns for Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually are not shown.

Cafeteria Maintenance Checklist


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