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Standard Facility Maintenance Tasks

Equipment System Checks, Exterior Work, Inspection, Operation, Testing/Calibration, and Preventive Maintenance Tasks. Designed as a popular set of facility maintenance tasks. User configurable. Task list provided in Word and Excel Format.

Standard Facility Maintenance Tasks are included in our PM Checklists Product.

Task CategoryTask Name 
Equipment System Checks   Air Outlets 
  Battery Fluid Level 
  Door Hardware 
  Dry Sprinkler System 
  Fire Standpipes 
  Gas Piping and Valves 
  Gas Solenoid Valves 
  General Equipment Check 
  Hot Water Temperature 
  Notification of Supervisor 
  Pump Suction & Discharge 
  Spray Nozzles 
  Switches, Wiring and Connections 
  Transfer Switch 
  Vacuum Breaker 
  Water Flow 
Exterior Work   Custodial Services 
  Land Management 
  Roof Deficiencies 
  Solid Waste Management 
Inspection   Abnormal Conditions 
  Ash Conveyor System 
  Bag House & Air Lock 
  Boiler Sight 
  Boiler Tubes 
  Burner Assembly 
  Deaerating Tank 
  Door Closures 
  Drainage System 
  Heat Exchangers 
  Hydraulic System 
  Induced Draft Fan 
  Lamp Holder and Lamp 
  Light fixtures, Electrical Controls and Panels 
  Mechanical Area 
  Pump Packing 
  Safety Valve 
  Security Devices 
  Steam Trap 
  Water Feed Solenoid 
Maintenance   Air Cooled Condensors 
  Air Filters 
  Battery Cables 
  Boiler Burner Assembly 
  Boiler Fire Sides 
  Boiler Stack 
  Boiler Water Column 
  Boiler Water Sides 
  Condensate Receiver 
  Cooling Coils 
  Cooling Tower Fan 
  Diesel Engine (Oil Change) 
  Fan Belts & Cooling System Hoses 
  Fan Impeller 
  Fire Alarm Notification 
  Fuel Oil Strainers 
  Fuel Oil Heaters 
  Fuel Tank 
  Hinges, Locks & Weatherstripping 
  Incinerator Burner 
  Incinerator Combustion Chamber 
  Incinerator Maintenance 
  Printed Circuit Boards 
  Pumps Packing 
  Refrigeration Unit 
  Sealant Systems 
  Spark Plugs 
Operation   Automatic Door 
  Boiler Shutdown 
  Condenser Water Flow 
  Electrical, Movement and Safety Precautions 
  Electrical Power ON 
  Engine Cooling System 
  Equipment Observation 
  Fan Bearings 
  Gas Pressure 
  Incinerator Start-up 
  Incinerator Operation 
  Mechanical Spaces 
  Sump Pump 
  Turn Off Electric Supply 
  Unit Function 
Testing/Calibration   Antifreeze 
  Battery Cell Voltage 
  Fire Alarm Test 
  Manufacturer's Instruction Notation 
  Mechanical Room Equipment 
  Operating Controls 
  Safety Valves 
  Smoke Detectors 
  Steam Turbine Test 
Preventive Maintenance   Air Compressor 
  Air Handling Unit 
  Cooling Tower 
  Electric Motor 
  Electric Panel 
  Fire Warning System 
  Heat Exchanger 
  Miscellaneous Electrical 

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